5 Star Strategic Results exceeded our expectations. They're professional, always accommodating, fast turnaround times, and I never worry about the quality of the finished product. And even better, unlike some vendors with simir services, you don't have to micromanage every little detail, which is a great benefit. Love it.

Moria Mogen


         BABE MOONEY

Elysse truly is a leader in her industry, she really knows the importance of building an online reputation. She is so open and helpful. You can see that she really cares about her clients.

Babe Mooney




We had a staff problem that was really hurting our practice. The excellent training that you provided changed the entire persona of how our staff viewed the the practice and have embraced the 5 star standard. Thank you our patients are happy and referring new clients weekly.


                GALE MAGNASON

The best design and development companies I have ever worked with. They have one of the lowest rates in the industry and handle the entire design and development process like pros. If you want a seamless experience and a great support team. Choose 5 Star Strategic Results for anything online, websites to marketing.

Gale Magnason

Catherine Rinaldo


  I'm Catherine Rinaldo. I am an attorney and practice personal injury w in Tampa, Florida. My firm is in a very competitive market so we hired Elysse Curry and her team to manage our social media and reputation management. When we started our Google local business page had 1, 1 star review. We now have 35, 5 star reviews. We also have over 60 glowing video reviews of satisfied clients. Working with Elysse has been amazing. She has exceeded our expectations in every way. We highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in having an outstanding presence on the web



It's truly been a pleasure working with 5 Star Strategic Results!!! For those of you that have been burned before by some of these unscrupulous companies that offer social media management to grow your business web presence like myself for thousands of dolrs and not receive any RIO whatsoever after six months. I highly recommend working with Elysse Curry she is phenomenal!! I have experienced more web presence in one week than I had after working six months with the other company. 

We build Long-Term Relationships. We want to work with you for years and watch you and your business grow. You can always get in touch with us when you need to.

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